Phrases for Babies & Toddlers

An infant in a cradleboard is next to his toddler brother on a sofa.

Brothers Baswewe and Asiginaak from Lac de Flambeau, Wisconsin


This page was started as a classroom resource to ensure the language will be heard by the children as they grow.



Boozhoo! – Hello!
Miigwech! – Thanks!
Giga-waabamin! – I shall see you! (Goodbye)
Eya’ (females)/En’ (males) – Yes
Gaawiin – No
Giinitam – Your turn
Giminochige! – You’re doing good! (Good job!)
Gego! – Don’t!
Bekaa! – Wait!
Wewiib! – Hurry!

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Command words are used to give directions. We can modify them to tell one person or a group of two or more people to do something. We can also say let’s do it together. For example, “Namadabin!” (you sit down), “Namadabig!” (yous sit down) and “Namadabidaa!” (let’s sit down).


English One Two or More All Together (Let’s)
Read/Count Agindaason Agindaasog Agindaasodaa
Pay attention to it Babaamendan Babaamendamok Babaamendandaa
Be quiet Bizaan-ayaan Bizaan-ayaag Bizaan-ayaadaa
Come here Bi-izhaan Bi-izhaag Bi-izhaadaa
Listen Bizindan Bizindamok Bizindandaa
Walk Bimosen Bimoseg Bimosedaa
Offer asemaa Biindaakoojigen Biindaakoojigeg Biindaakoojigedaa
Come in Biindigen Biindigeg Biindigedaa
Quit it Boonitoon Boonitooyok Boonitoodaa
Sit down Namadabin Namadabig Namadabidaa

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We can ask our classroom about the weather by saying:
Aaniin ezhiwebak agwajiing? What’s it doing outside?

Here are some weather terms:


  1. It is cloudy – Ningwaanakwad
  2. It is cold – Gisinaa (the weather is cold not I am cold)
  3. It is cool – Daki-ayaa
  4. It is foggy – Awan
  5. It is a nice day – Mino-giizhigad
  6. It is raining – Gimiwan
  7. It is snowing – Zoogipon (the action not snow on the ground)
  8. It is sunny – Waaseyaa
  9. It is warm – Aabawaa (the weather is warm not I am warm)
  10. It is windy – Noodin

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We can ask each other how we feel by saying:
Aaniin ezhi-ayaayan? How are you?


English Are you______? Yes, I am ______. No, I’m not ______.
Happy Giminwendam ina? Niminwendam Gaawiin niminwendanziin
Angry/Mad Ginishkaadiz ina? Ninishkaadiz Gaawiin ninishkaadizisii
Sad/Lonely Gigashkendam ina? Ningashkendam Gaawiin ningashkendanziin
Good Gimino-ayaa ina? Nimino-ayaa Gaawiin nimino-ayaasii
Hungry Gibakade ina? Nibakade Gaawiin nibakadesii
Tired Gidayekoz ina? Nindayekoz Gaawiin nindayekozisii
Hurt/In pain Giwiisigine ina? Niwiisagine Gaawiin niwiisiginesii
Cold Gigiikaj ina? Ningiikaj Gaawiin ningiikajisii
Hot Gigizhiz ina? Ningizhiz Gaawiin ningizhizisii
Sick Gidaakoz ina? Nindaakoz Gaawiin nindaakozisii
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