Shkaakaamikwe (Mother Earth)



Sung by Margaret Noodin and her daughters, Shannon and Fionna Noori.

The lyrics for this song were adapted from Brenda MacIntyre’s original version on the “Awakening” CD by Spirit Wind featuring Brenda MacIntyre. Anishinaabe words by Margaret Noodin. The song will always be dedicated to Brenda’s son Quinn Taylor, and is a gift from Creator, Eagle and the spirit of the drum. This song came to help heal the people.

Dialect Note: In this recording the women use the word “epangishimong” to indicate the direction where the sun sets. In some areas singers may wish to use “ningaabii’anong” to mean the west, the direction of the constellation, Ningaaboozoo, the stars that remind us of the one able to be inini or a waabooz with the trembling tail in the place where the stars melt.

Shkaakaamikwe, Maazikaamikwe, Shkaakaamikwe
(Mother Earth, Mother Earth, Mother Earth)

Gidaanisag bimosewag
(Your daughters, they walk)

(from the North)

(from the East)

(from the South)

(from the place where it falls, West)

Hey ya hey yo