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Noondaagwadoon Gikinoo’amaadiiwigamigong: Things That Are Heard At School Project

This project began when Gichi-Onigaming, Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, and Cook County School District set out to increase the amount of Ojibwe language heard where learning takes place. These words are permanent teachers waiting to be discovered throughout the hallways, in the classrooms and around the building. With a quick QR connection to pronunciation they make it possible for beginners to dive in and experts to confirm they are part of a network of speakers.

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Please feel free use these words, send us your feedback about them, and let us know what other words and phrases are needed to reclaim ezhi-onaakonigeyang Anishinaabemong (the way we make decisions in Anishinaabe languages).
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Building Words

Subject Words

Action Phrases

Seven Grandfathers

Location Specific Words

  • Cook-Cook High School  Ani-nitaawigi-gikinoo’amaadiiwigamig (Cook County High School)
  • Cook-Cook Middle School  Abiitoo-ombigi-gikinoo’amaadiiwigamig (Cook County Middle School)
  • Cook-Sawtooth Elementary  Maajiigi-gikinoo’amaadiiwigamig (Sawtooth Mountain Elementary)
  • Vikings Waakwegijig (Vikings) Note: This translates as ones who grow near bays (or fjords).
  • Cook-Success for All Niigaanosedaa – Manaaji’ididaa gakina awiya (Success for Each – Respect for All) Note: this is a Cook County School slogan

QR Fun Photo Gallery

Please send us photos of QR codes being installed or used in your community! Below are some photos from Cook County Schools in northern Minnesota. Send photos to Stacie Sheldon.

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