This is Motor City

Mii Maanda Nokiiwin-odenoo (This is Motor City)

Gaa kido Eminem. What Eminem said. Before there was America there were Anishinaabeg in Detroit. As a people always thinking about identity and place, we really enjoyed the message in the Chrysler 200 video saying, “This is who we are. This is what we do.” Please note that some of the sentences are written in two different ways. Neither way is the “right” way – both ways are right.

Watch the video and then listen to each sentence individually or as one complete recording.

Complete audio: Motor-City

The Video


1. Mii maamwaanji mshkookwaneg shkode mii ezhi aapiji ganaajwan biiwaabik.
This a certain one it is strong fire the way it happens very best looking steel.
its made.
The hottest fires make the strongest steel.


2. Wikijitoodaan Detroit ji ganajawan odenoo.
Keep it Detroit to be beautiful the town.
Keep Detroit beautiful.
2. Minowaabminaaktoon Detroit.
Make it look good Detroit.
Keep Detroit beautiful.


3. Mii ge niinwi, maanda enaajimigiziyaang.
This is ours this the way we are talked about.
That’s our story.
3. Mii wi dinaajimowininaa.
This is the story told about us.
That’s our story.


4. Mii n’aawyaang / Mii e-aawyaang.
This is our identity. / This is who we are.
That’s who we are.


5. Detroit n’gii ezhimjidwenaa wenjishing.
Detroit we did order it from the best/good.
Imported from Detroit.


6. Mii maanda nokiiwin-odenoo.
Then this motor town.
This is the Motor City.


7. Mii maanda ezhchigeyaang.
Then this all of us do.
This is what we do.


8. Chitwaaziwin bi enjibaamigag miinwaa waa miigweying.
Luxury here it comes from then is given to all of us.
Luxury is as much about where it’s from as who it’s for.
8. Chitwaaziwin naasap aawan eshtamaagaazowaad.
Luxury the same is what is made for them.
Luxury is as much about where it’s from as who it’s for.

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