Intermediate Lessons

Our Intermediate Lessons will be coming soon. Read below our plan for them:

Intermediate lessons will be short, structured lessons intended to increase the words and phrases you know and can use. They should represent all the ways Anishinaabemowin can be used today: at home, outdoors, at work, while continuing ancient traditions and while leading communities into the future. Think of this site like the Waasnode / the Northern Lights, visible, ever-changing and shared by all, like the language itself.

These lessons will support immersion and master-apprentice programs by giving shape to some of the oral information you might be receiving. In an elementary setting intermediate lessons could be adapted for 6rd through 8th grade. In a college or university setting they represent the second year third and fourth semesters of Anishinaabemowin. If you would like to know more about the assessment tools used in various programs, please contact us.

A row of flowers in the Woodland art style by Neebin Southall