Noongom Wenishinaabemojig (Today’s Speakers of Anishinaabemowin)

Welcome to Ojibwe.net. This site represents many things, most of all, it is evidence that Anishinaabemowin is alive and well. A living language must be spoken fluently and used creatively. We have created this cyber space so that the ancient sounds are not lost and can be connected to anyone willing to listen, learn, and labor with us in the effort to maintain Anishinaabemowin.

Our Featured Work

Ogimaans (The Little Prince) Book

Ogimaans (The Little Prince) Book Original story by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry Translated by Angela Mesic, Margaret Noodin, Susan Wade and [...]

The Adventures of Nimkii

The Adventures of Nimkii Bebikaan-ezhiwebiziwinan Nimkii: The Adventures of Nimkii is the story of a modern dog who lives an [...]

Recent Additions

February Song

Namebini-giizis Nagomowin (February Song) Photo from Snow Snake Tournament on Madeline Island. Used with permission by Marsha Traxler Reeves and Marvin [...]

  • Picture of Gichi-Onigamiminis (Grand Portage Island) surrounded by the icy winter waves of Gichi-gaaming (Lake Superior) taken by Rick Novitsky.

January Song

Gichi-manidoo-giizis Nagomowin (January Song) What you learn in this song: The song for Gichi-manidoo-giizis (January) is a simple song with vocables [...]

  • A rabbit sitting in a snow fall at night looking over a snow bank at you.

December Song

Manidoo-giizisoons Nagomowin (December Song) What you learn in this song: In this song a child asks older relatives to tell the [...]

  • A starry northern sky in Minnesota showing the Wintermaker or Orion constellation.

November Song

Gashkadino-Giizis Nagomowin (November Song) Gashkadino-Giizis (November) is when temperatures dip below the point of freezing and the last hunts and feasts [...]

Wild Animals (Awesiinh)

Wild Animals (Awesiinh) We all learn better when we can physically interact with the world. For learning some animal names we purchased [...]

Giigoonyag (Fish) Posters

Giigoonyag (Fish) Posters These two posters show how to recognize some (not all) species of fish in the Great Lakes region [...]

Miskwaasining Nagamojig

Ojibwe.net is home to Miskwaasining Nagamojig (Swamp Singers), a women’s hand drum group that was founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Many of the songs on the site were recorded by the group. Singing is one of the best ways to learn the new sounds of a language.

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