Stories Overview

Stories Overview

Stories in speech, in action and on the page hold the history, visions, laughter and tears of the people. They contain science, psychology . . . all the equations and networks of life that connect the Anishinaabeg.

Stories on this site are arranged by season to reflect what is important to know in the dark winter time of rest, in the spring as waters awaken, in the celebrations and work of summer and in the time when we turn to the known and unknown of the west.

We want as many Anishinaabe voices to be heard as possible, so this is where you can find stories, poems and images produced by many different speakers and students. Some stories are teaching tales, some are translations of stories from other cultures and classrooms. The stories for children are for beginners of all ages and contain additional learning material.

All of these stories have been placed here with the hope they will be enjoyed by many. We have been careful to not capture the tales that should remain oral, you can find those other ways if you ask the elders you know. Everything here is to be explored and enjoyed.

Biindigen, Welcome

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