Moon phases, panoramic composite image. Elements of this image are provided by NASA

These songs were written for the students and teachers of Gichi-Onigaming nation (Grand Portage Lake Superior Band of Chippewa). Because it is located along the northwestern shore of Gichigaming (Lake Superior) these songs use that community’s name for the months.

Traditionally, months were measured by the time it takes the moon to orbit earth with a new month starting when dibiki-giizis (the moon) is full and reflecting the sun’s light into the night. These periods are named for the activities taking place at that time of year which is often dependent on where the earth and sun are together on their path around the sun. This beautifully complex science is part of each song so that students of Anishinaabemowin can learn about the cycles of the earth and become good stewards of the water, land, dark skies, bright days, clean rain, and all the beings who depend on our fragile atmosphere. Learn more about the moons and days.

Each song contains a language lesson. Enjoy!

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