TEK nology Videos

Videos with elder and Anishinaabemowin speaker and teacher, Barbara Nolan, [...]

TEK nology Videos2023-05-20T11:34:03-04:00

Rabbit and Bear Paws

Interactive app where users can record themselves using Anishinaabemowin with [...]

Rabbit and Bear Paws2021-08-10T21:50:53-04:00

Biigtigong Language Project

Language resources from the Biigtigong Nishnaabeg. Includes (humorous) videos, and [...]

Biigtigong Language Project2021-08-10T08:36:10-04:00

Little River Band of Ottawa Indians and Kenny Pheasant’s resources [...]

Aanii.org2021-02-18T21:37:35-05:00 takes you to the fun world of understandable Nishnaabe-language [...]


Waking Up Ojibwe

Includes embedded videos and other learning resources. Calendar shows regular [...]

Waking Up Ojibwe2021-02-18T21:28:35-05:00
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