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Puppies for Sale by Leonard Kimewon-ba

The story and materials posted here were created by Leonard-ba as part of a class he offered in Baaweting, for the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians. You will find the following materials here for the story Puppies for Sale:

1) Leonard-ba reading the story
2) Leonard-ba’s Word List to study before you read the story,
3) Leonard-ba’s original Anishinaabemowin version of the story,
4) Leonard-ba’s English version of the story,
5) a double-vowel version of the story with line-by-line translations for western Ojibwe speakers and those who want to see the literal meanings of the words.

Listen to Leonard-ba read the story in Anishinaabemowin:

Additional lesson resources:

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