Apenimonodan (Trust)

A poem by Margaret Noodin and a print by Myrna Keliher

In 2023, Myrna Keliher of Expedition Press, created a lovely echo of a poem from What the Chickadee Knows. The original letterpress print was made to fit into a postcard size envelope and was done with archival ink on renewable paper using a 1901 Golding Jobber press from handset metal type. Maamakaadendaagwad! (Amazing!) Expedition Press is known for “damn fine words and exacting type.” A poetry-focused letterpress printshop, their mission is to deepen regard for language and connect people with poetry.

Myrna prints words to share with others! Myrna omazinaakizaanan ikidowinan ji-maada’oozhaawaad!

Prints of the poem can be ordered here: “Apenimonodan” by Margaret Noodin | Expedition Press



Apenimonodan gikendaman
aanind bemaadizijig
bamendamowaad akiing
bamenimaawaad asabikeshiinan
bamenimiwaad ge-giin
bakiseyan mii gibaakwa’igeyan
miidash bakiseyan miinawaa.
Waasikwa’agwaa ezhi-waaseziwaad.
Nisidawinaadiyeg ojichaagobiishin.


Trust that you know
some people
who will surprise you
with the way they care for the world
and every small spider
the way they care for you
as you open and shut
then open again.
Polish the way they shine.
Recognize yourselves in shared water.

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