Songs for the Changing Year

June Song

Ode'imin-giizis Nagomowin (June Song) June [...]

June Song2024-06-03T17:02:27-04:00

May Song

Zaagibagaa-giizis Nagomowin (May Song) May [...]

May Song2024-05-13T23:32:27-04:00

March Song

Onaabani-giizis Nagomowin (March Song) Onaabani-giizis is the [...]

March Song2024-03-19T17:05:07-04:00

February Song

Namebini-giizis Nagomowin (February Song) Photo from [...]

February Song2024-02-12T08:55:39-05:00

January Song

Gichi-manidoo-giizis Nagomowin (January Song) What you [...]

January Song2024-01-06T10:36:30-05:00

December Song

Manidoo-giizisoons Nagomowin (December Song) What you [...]

December Song2023-12-03T21:31:18-05:00

November Song

Gashkadino-Giizis Nagomowin (November Song) Gashkadino-Giizis (November) [...]

November Song2023-12-12T22:00:11-05:00

April Song

Ziinzibaakwadoke (Sugar Making) Spring is [...]

April Song2024-02-12T20:49:15-05:00
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