Songs for the Changing Year

Ziinzibaakwadoke (Sugar Making)

Spring is the time of the Anishinaabe New Year and the time to recognize the gifts we have been given. This song was created by the Swamp Singers after several of us spent time gathering and boiling sap in 2013. Pictured here are Fionna Noori and Marlie Libs at Andy and Mike Jackson’s sugar camp in Indian Lake, Michigan.

As Pat Northrup reminded us in 2021, “there is something about sugar bush that just welcomes warm weather and all things living waking up from winter and stretching out to enjoy another spring.”

Sung by Margaret Noodin. Musical score by Sheila J. Feay-Shaw.

A row of flowers in the Woodland art style by Neebin Southall

Sugarbush Song

Apii ziigwan ozhiga’angwaa ininatigoog
(When it is spring we tap the maples)

Apii ziigwan iskigamizigeyaang
(When it is spring we sugar bush)

Ininatigaboo minwaagamin
(Maple sap tastes good)

Ziinzibaakwad minopagwad
(Sugar tastes good)

Zhiiwaagamizigan giminwendaamin
(Maple syrup we like it)

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