Riding Away

American Indians on horseback riding away with eagle staffs by unknown artist

Animoomigo/Riding Away

This powerful image of horses, humans and eagle staffs facing what could be either a new dawn or the inevitable west inspired a poem about hope found between contrasting forces. We hope we may reach the artist or someone who knows who the artist is.

By Margaret Noodin

Riding Away

Gaawiin gwa gidaawisiimin naasaab

We are not the same being

Aanawi bezhigowendamang mii

but seamlessly we are thinking

dash maamawi-babaama’adooyang

as we ride to the same place

ge-giizhooninjiiyan niinizisaning

your warm hands in my hair

niwaabiwegin ziibi ningideg

my light skin a river melting

anaami-mashkawendaman igo.

beneath your resolve.

Gidaawimin zoogipog ziigwang

We are like snow in spring

asigibii’iganan giizhigong

numbers on days

apane igo gii-pawaadamang

forever in the dreaming

niijikiweyag bizaanabiwaad

friends with no need to talk

mii gichi-mookomaan-akikeyang

making America

maamakaadendaagwag miinawaa

great again.

Copyright © 2021 by Margaret Noodin

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