Under Lake Huron


Name Zaagiganing Huron Chizhaazhagwa
Under Lake Huron Long Ago
Under Lake Huron a Long Time Ago.

This resource is based on the 2009 archaeological find made by the University of Michigan for evidence of Paleo Indians hunting caribou nearly 9,000 years ago in a place that is now under Lake Huron. This is an example of science supporting the oral history of the Anishinaabeg.

If you are interested in learning more about the discovery you can read the article, Evidence for early hunters beneath the Great Lakes (PDF format).

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1. Niizhing daaswaak shi zhaangaaswi ensa bonigag mii giimkaamwaad gondag bimaadizijig
In the year 2009 they found those people

maampii gii midanokiwaagabane.
here did live a long time ago.
In 2009 they found people that lived here a long time ago.


2. Chizhaazhaagwaa gaa meyaabaniig bimaadzijig gii noopaninaa’aan mkwomiin eni piichi nigizinid.
A long time ago long before now people did follow ice when it melted.
A long time ago people followed the ice when it melted.


3. Giiwedinog nikeyeng izhaawaad.
North this way they travelled.
They travelled north this way.


4. Mii gaa ezhiwebag pii gii tkwiindamaa kwa zhinda kchigamiing.
This happened when there was less in them those great lakes.
This happened back when the water in the Great Lakes was lower.


5. Niizh ge ezhi gii tenon zaagiganan wi pii.
Two there were there two lakes then.
There were two lakes.


6. Oshme niizhwaasiing mdaaswaak ekwa ensa boonigag gii ezhiwebad maampii nambiin.
More 7000 years ago did happened here under water.
More than 7,000 years ago it happened under the water.



7. Gaa giiosenaa’aajig wesiinhyag.
Were ones who hunt animals.
They were hunting animals.


8. Gweyak pane zhigaadesewag adikwag.
Those always walked in a straight line caribou.
The caribou always walked in a straight line.


9. Ode namebiin giimkigaadenoon siniing gii temigad geteanishinaabe baniig
There under water they found them inside stones were there Paleo Indians long ago
baniig gaa daawaad.
long ago they lived there.

There under that water the Paleo-Indians lined up the stones to lead them.



10. Wesiinhyag wa ni izhaawaad gii kinoschigaade.
The animals they would go there were signs.
The animals would go along them as if they were signs.


11. Maage da ezhinkaadenon siniin naapkinaganan.
Or could be called of stone formations.
These could also be called stone formations.


12. Miinwaa gioseininiwag wa enji kaandoowaad ge siniin gii tenon.
Also hunters were inside hiding place stones placed there.
There was a circle of stones where the hunter would hide.


13. Miinwaa ode ekwaying gii temigad wesiinhyag wa enji batanaashkwiindwaa.
And there enclosed were there animals were inside they were stuck.
Over there is an enclosed area where they lead the animals into a trap.


14. Giimkigaade gaye wesiinhyag gaa mezhinaashkwiindwaa.
It was found also the animals they guided them.
It was found where they guided the animals.


15. Miidash ode dagooshinowaad waa enji boogwinindwaa.
And then over there they arrived inside a place where they kill them.
That is where they arrived to a trap where they were killed.


16. Genwaa gii te ni wa enji pshigiiginigewaad.
Those did be there in a place in a place where you clean the hides.
There was a place where they cleaned the hides.


17. Miinwaa gii te ni kindaaganan wa enji baasawaawaad.
And did be there in a place the pelts in a place were drying them.
And a place where the pelts were dried.


18. Ingoding gego gonemaa ziibi gii mijwaandig gii mish ode maampiich gii giishkajiiwong.
At one time it was not maybe the river it was held there it was then over there later it was a waterfall.
There was also possibly a place where a river created a waterfall.


19. Maampiich igo gonemaa gii mooshkaabwedeg.
And later perhaps it flooded.
And perhaps maybe it flooded.


20. G’gikendaanmi zaam jiiman gii aabjikaaznaa’aa ndowezijigewaad
We know this because a boat it was used to record sound waves

miinwaa mzinaazigewaad.
and to make pictures.
We know this because a boat was used to record sound waves and make pictures.


21. Aangwaamziwag giishpin wii mzinaazigewaad chinooding miidash maanaadaasigewad.
They took care if when taking pictures big wind and then they would be ugly.
They had to be careful to take pictures in the wind or it would not be a good picture.


22. Miinwaa egoogiijig aabdeg genwaa mzinagan wii nagadowaad waankiiendaagwaad
And the divers definitely they guidelines to consider them be safe.
And the divers had to consider the guidelines to be safe.


23. Nsostaagwad.
It makes sense.
It makes sense.