Babaamaadizi-Mazina’igan (Travel Around Book)

Here is a short booklet and audio of Anishinaabemowin to use on a road trip. This booklet was built by Nick and Oscar Reo (Sault Ste Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians) for a road trip focused on swimming and skateboarding.

You can print, fold, and bind it (staples work fine). You can also save a copy to your computer and modify however you like- and the formatting will be all set for your custom language book.

This road trip booklet was created based on the following Template. The template document explains how to build your own booklet or “zine,” and it can be as long or short as you like.

Audio read by Nick Reo.

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Print Your Own Booklet

Download the PDF and print the booklet for your next road trip!
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Aaniin ekidoyan? What are you saying?
Aaniin ekidod? What’s he/she saying?
Aaniin ezhi-ekidoyan ___? How do you say ___?
Daga aanikanootamawishin Please translate for me
Aanikanootamaagen! Translate!
Mii ina gwayak? Is this correct/right?
Ginisidotaan ina? Do you understand?
Ginisidotaanaawaa ina? Do yous understand?
Gimikwendam ina? Do you remember?
Gaawiin ginisidotoosinoon I don’t understand you
Gaawiin ingikendanziin I don’t know
Bekaa Slow down
Ikidon miinawaa You say it again
Mii gwayak It is correct
Ozhibii’igen! You write it!
Niin ina gaganoozhiyan? Are you talking to me?
Gigiizhiitaam ina? Are yous ready?

Helpful Language (General)

Aaniin apii waa-ezhaayan? When do you want to go?
Naagaj Later
Wayiiba Soon
Naawakwe At noon
Jibwaa naawakwe Before noon (morning)
Ishkwaa naawakwe After noon
Noongom dibik Tonight
Waabang Tomorrow
Aaniindi ezhaayan? Where are you going?
Agwajiing indizhaa I’m going outside
Zaaga’amo-wigamigong indizhaa I’m going to the bathroom
Adaawewigamigong indizhaa I’m going to the store
Aaniindi ezhaayang? Where are we going?
Aaniindi waa-ezhaayan? Where do you want to go?
Niwii-zaaka’am I need to go to the bathroom
Niwii-zhiishiig I need to pee


Ditibinaatigoke (vai) S/he skates
Ditibinaatigokedaa! Let’s skate!
Giwii-ditibinaatigoke ina? Do you want to skate?
Aaniindi daa-ditibinaatigokeyang? Where should we skate?
Bagizo (vai) S/he bathes, goes swimming
Bagizodaa! Let’s swim!
Giwii-bagiz ina? Do you want to swim?
Aaniindi ateg izhi-nitaa-bagizoyang? Where is it located the good swimming place?
Aaniindi daa-bagizoyang? Where should we swim?


Wiisini (vai) S/he eats
Miijin (vti3) Eat it
Amaw (vta) Eat a being
Giizizige (vai) S/he cooks
Giizizaan (vti) Cook it (inanimate)
Giiziz (vta) Cook it (animate)
Wiingipogwad/oon (vii) It/these taste/s delicious
Wiingipogozi/wag (vai) Being/s taste/s delicious
Minomaagwad/oon (vii) It/these smell/s good
Minomaagozi/wag (vai) Being/s taste/s good
Biinichige (vai) S/he cleans things
Awegonen waa-miijiyan? What do you want to eat?
Awegonen gaa-miijiyan? What did you eat?


Aaniin ezhiwebak (agwajiing/biindig)? How is it (outside/inside)
Zaagaate (vii) It is sunny
Gimiwan (vii) It is raining
Noodin (vii) It is windy
Ningwakwad (vii) It is cloudy
Gizhaate (agwajiing/biindig) It is hot (outside/inside)
Gisinaa (agwajiing/biindig) It is cold (outside/inside)
Daki-ayaa It is cool (outside/inside)
Mino-giizhigad It is a nice day
Niiskaadad It is bad weather

Common Prefixes

Gichi- Very much
Biini- Clean
Maajii- Start
Ishkwaa- Done / after / behind
Mino- Good / nice
Bakaani- Different
Maji- Bad
Mayagi- Strange / unfamiliar
Mashkawi- Strong
Wiini- Dirty
Wiisagi- Bitter/painful
Zhaago- Mild
Wiishkobi- Sweet
Bishigwaaji- Nasty
Wiingi- Delicious
Gagwaani- Terrible


Naasanaa! Look out! Come on!
Gwekibizon! Turn!
Bekaa! Hold on; slow down; wait!
Biskamon (vii) It makes a hairpin turn
Waazakonenjigen! Use your signal!
Maada’amaazodaa! Let’s start singing!
Giminwendaan ina o’ow nagamowin? Do you like it this song?
Booshke giin (pc disc) It’s up to you; it’s your decision
Boogidi (vai) S/he farts
Baakaakosidoon waasechigan! Open the window!
Wewese’an! Fan it!
Awegonen waa-giishpinadooyan? What do you want to buy?
Awegonen gaa-giishpinadooyan? What did you buy?
_____ ingii-giishpinadoon. I bought a _____.


Gabeshi (vai) S/he camps, sets up camp
Ninoondengwash I’m sleepy
Ningawashim I’m lying down, going to bed
Nibaa (vai) S/he sleeps, is sleeping
Minogwaan! Sleep well!
Ayekozi (vai) S/he is tired
Maashi ina gidayekoz? Are you tired yet?
Gi-zaaga’am ina? Are you headed to the toilet?
Gabeshiwin nandawaabandandaa Let’s look for a campsite
Apishimon (ni) A bed, a mattress
Zaaga’amoowigamig (ni) A toilet, a bathroom, an outhouse
Zaaga’amoowigamigong In the bathroom, in the outhouse
Giziiyaabide’o (vai) S/he brushes their teeth
Giziibiigiidaa! Let’s wash up!
Giziibiigininjii (vai) S/he washes h/ (own) hands
Niwii-giziibiigindibe I will (am going to) wash my hair
Gigii-giziibiigiingwe ina? Did you wash your face?
A row of flowers in the Woodland art style by Neebin Southall

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