Ikidowansan ge Aabjikaazying Kinomaagegamigong / Words to Use in Class

Here are some words and phrases to use in the classroom. Make an effort to use these phrases no matter how many times you end up with the lights on/off.

Note: Sometimes there is a slight difference between Western and Eastern dialect.
This will be noted with a (w) for Western and an (e) for Eastern.

Audio for sentences 1-5:

Words in class 1-5

1. Maajitaadaa.
Let’s start.
2. Anishinaabemodaa.
Let’s speak Anishinaabe language.
3. Nindanishinaabem.
I speak Anishinaabemowin.
4. Gidanishinaabem ina?
Do you speak Anishinaabemowin?
5. Waazakonebidoon waazakonenjigan. Niwii-waazakonebidoon.
Turn on the light. I will turn on the light.

Audio for sentences 6-10:

Words in class 6-10

6. Maagon gigibadoonh.
Press your button.
7. Wenipanad.
It is easy.
8. Zanagad.
It is difficult / hard.
9. Ningikendaan.
I know it.
10. Gaawiin ningikendanziin.
I don’t know it.

Audio for sentences 11-15:

Words in class 11-15

11. Naadamawishin.
Help me.
12. Aaniin ezhi-ikidoyang Anishinaabemong?
How do we say it in Anishinaabemowin?
13. Aaniin ezhi-ozhibii’aman?
How do you write that?
14. Aanikanootawishin.
Translate / pronounce for me.
15. Gaawiin gigii-noondoosiinoon.
I did not hear you.

Audio for sentences 16-20:

Words in class 16-20

16. Miinawaa ikidon.
Again say it.
17. Gizhiiwen
Say it louder.
18. Gaawiin onjidaa.
I am sorry / Not on purpose.
19. Awenen wiinitam? (w) Awenen wiintam? (e)
Who’s turn is it?
20. Niinitam. (w) Niintam. (e)
My turn.

Audio for sentences 21-24:

Words in class 21-24

21. Giinitam. (w) Giintam. (e)
Your turn.
22. Anokiiwin(an)-maajiijigaade(wan)
Work that is taken along. (homework (plural))
23. Nindagindaan nindanokiiwinan-maajiijigaadewanim.
I’m reading my homework (plural).
24. Nindozhibii’aan nindanokiiwinan-maajiijigaadewanim.
I’m writing my homework (plural).

Audio for sentences 25-29:

Words in class 25-29

25. Nindoodaan nindanokiiwinan-maajiijigaadewanim.
I’m doing my homework (plural).
26. Nindanokiitoon(an) gaa-maajiidooyaan. / Nindanokaadaan(an) gaa-maajiidooyaan.
I’m working on what I took along (plural).
27. Mii i’iw. Gigiizhiitaamin.
That’s it. We all are finished.
28. Baa maampii. (w) / Baanimaa apii. (w) / Baa maampii. (e)
Good bye. / See you later.
29. Giga-waabamin naagaj. Giga-waabamininim naagaj.
I will see you later. I will see you all later.

Bizindan (Listen To It)

Listen to the conversation below. Do you recognize any of the vocabulary from this lesson?

Conversation Practice

A. Do you speak Anishinaabemowin?
B. I speak Anishinaabemowin.
A. ‘Bear’ how do we say it in Anishinaabemowin?
B. That is easy! Makwa (is how you say it).
A. I thank you! How do you write that?.
B. M – A – K – W – A .

Aanikanootan (Translate It)

Listen and practice translating the following sentences.

Words to Use in Class Translation Practice

2. Say it louder. I did not hear you.
4. Help me. Translate for me.

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