Giizis Binoojiyag

Swamp Singers

Giizis Binoojiiyag

Giizis Binoojiyag (Sun Children)

Sung by Margaret Noodin

This song was created in response to a request from Lena Terhart who was curating an Endangered Languages exhibit at the UNIKATUM children’s museum in Leipzig, Germany. She asked that we use the words: giizis (sun), nibiish (water) and binoojii (child). Students at Kchikinoomagegamigong-Wiskonsin Minoakii recorded each of he words for the exhibit and with the help of Alphonse Pitawankwat, the Miskwaasining Nagamojig (Swamp Singers) came up with a song for children that could be sung in a round.


Giizhaasiged giizis
It is warm, the sun

it cleans the water

wii de bigizowaad
so they can swim

the children.