Aaniin Ezhiwebak Agwajiing

Aaniin Ezhiwebak Agwajiing (What’s the Weather)

In every early childhood classroom the day begins with calendar which also includes “what’s the weather?” This was originally translated from the traditional kindergarten song sung to the tune of My Darling Clementine. When it was finished, the melody was shifted to fit with the Anishinaabe words. This melody which can easily include drumming brings the ongoing question of what is happening outside into the language classroom.


Aaniin Ezhiwebak Agwajiing

Aaniin ezhiwebak agwajiing, aaniin ezhiwebak agwajiing,
What’s the weather, what’s the weather, what’s the weather like outside?

Gidibaajimotawimin abinoojiinyag, ezhiwebak agwajiing.
You tell just us children, what’s the weather like?

Waaseyaan ina?
Is it bright?

Ningwaanakwad ina?
Is it cloudy?

Gimiwan ina noongom?
Is it rainy out today?

Zoogipon ina?
Is it snowy?

Noongom noodin ina?
Today Is it windy?

Aaniin ezhiwebak agwajiing?
What’s the weather outside?

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