Bring Us Peace Prayer

Written and read by Margaret Noodin

The following words were written during the COVID 19 pandemic of 2020 by Margaret Noodin. The text began as a Mother’s Day poem for Alice O’Donnell and became a response to a request for a prayer from Cynthia Baille of the United Church of Christ for May 7th, the National Day of Prayer. Rev. Traci Blackmon who coordinated the effort explained: “I believe in the power of prayer to move God on behalf of God’s creation. I believe prayer rendered in diverse languages and expressions mirror the one God of many names we encounter in sacred texts. I know prayer transcends race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, socio-economic status, and political affiliation. I know prayer can arrest evil, heal brokenness, and transform hearts and minds.” Anishinaabemowin was one of many voices included in that effort. A digital compilation of all of the prayers can be found at: Sometimes we simply need to lift our voices and look beyond the space and time we are living in.

A row of flowers in the Woodland art style by Neebin Southall

Bring Us Peace

Nana’isanishinaam / Bring Us Peace

Gizhawenimimin Gichidibenjiged
We are blessed by you Lord

ezhi-aanikoobidooyan gakina gegoo.
you who connects all being.

Gizhawenimimin Giizis
We are blessed by you Sun

you give us light and strength.

Gizhawenimimin Dibiki-giizis
We are blessed by you Moon

gikinoo’amawiyaang zaagaasidiyaang.
you teach us the importance of reflection.

Gizhawenimimin Mashkiig
We are blessed by you Land and Water

ezhi-ditibiziyan wenji-bimaadiziyaang.
your circulation supports our living.

Apii zhawenimiyaang, zhawenimangidwaa.
As we are blessed, we bless others.

Apii zaagi’iyaang, zaagi’angidwaa.
As we are loved, we love others.

Apii noojimo’iyaang, noojimo’angidwaa.
As we are healed, we heal others.

Apii inawenimigooyan, inawenindiyaang.
As we are related to you, we are related to one another.

Naadamawishinaam daga noongom
Help us all now

Nagamotawishinaam daga noongom
Sing to us all now

Nanaa’ishinaam daga noongom
Repair us all now

Nana’isanishinaam daga Gichidibenjiged.
Bring peace to all our souls O Lord.

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