Give Thanks Prayer


G’miigwechtoonaa, G’miigwechweaa’naa (We give thanks for things, We give thanks to others)

We have found that one of the most common reasons to learn the language is a desire to give thanks using the language that has echoed in this place for centuries. Humility and the ability to slow down and count your blessings, ask for guidance, and be present for others are fundamental concepts beautifully expressed in Anishinaabemowin.

The following text was sent to us by Andy Chosa, translated by Howard Kimewon and transcribed by Margaret Noodin.

A row of flowers in the Woodland art style by Neebin Southall
Today we give thanks for our many blessings.
Noongwo g’miigwechweyaanaa GizheManido minik miinigwezwii’anan miinwaa maanagooing.
Today we give thanks to the Creator for so much fortune and what we have been given.


We give thanks for the sky above and the earth below.
G’miigwechtoonaa maanda maampii aki g’bagidnamaagoing wii iyaaying
We give thanks for this here earth we have been offered to be on


miinwaa maanda n’waamdaaming giizhigong.
and this that we see, the heavens.


We give thanks for the rising of the sun and the moon.
G’miigwechweaa’naa g’bagidnamaagoing giizo miinwaa dibikigiizo wii aabjikaazying.
We give thanks to them, we have been offered the sun and the moon to use.


We give thanks for the beauty of our surroundings.
Gaa miigwechweaa’naa kina gego gwenaajong g’gaa miinigoing.
We give thanks to them all things beautiful in this place we have been given.


We give thanks for our parents who brought us into this world and taught us about life.
Kchi miigwetchwinim maanda bimaadziwin gaa miizhiyang gashe miinwaa gos.
Thank you both for this life we are given mother and father.


We give thanks for our brothers and sisters who shared our childhood with us.
Gaa miigwetchwigo noongwa maamwe gii bi kooganiiyaang ge niinwe nikaayeg miinwaa miseyeg.
We all thank you today together who were raised here with us brothers and sisters


We give thanks for our friends who have journeyed along life’s path with us.
Gaa miigwetchweaananing genwa kwiijkenanig gaa bi wiijsemigoo’ing.
We are thankful for our friends who walked along with us.


We give thanks for the laughter of the children.
Gaa miigwetchweaananing gondag, baapwin miinwa chinendamowin genwa binoojiyag eyaamwaad.
We are thankful for them, the laughter and the happiness our children they have.


And we give thanks for the love in our hearts.
Gaa miigwetchwigo maanda zaagidwin odenang eyaamaan.
We all thank you for this love in our hearts we have.

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