Youth Prayer


This prayer is the result of Detroit youth from the “Sons of Traditions Youth Group” working together to create a positive message. Each youth contributed a line and worked together to help them translate their prayer into Anishinaabemowin. The youth attended the 12th Annual World Sabbath on Sunday January 30, 2011 and delivered their prayer. Listen to a teacher reading the prayer slowly to learn to pronounce the words.

A row of flowers in the Woodland art style by Neebin Southall

Youth Prayer

God (Gizhemanido) / Great Spirit (Chi Manido) / Grandfathers (Mishomisag), Grandmothers (Gokomisag)

Chi miigwetch maanda gaa miizhiyaang giizhigad.
Great thanks this one that you gave us, this day.
I thank you for this beautiful day.
Naadamawishin chigikendamaa maanda e-kinomaagoyaanh.
Help me to know it this I am learning.
Help me with my schooling.
Nd’daawendaan ge niin maanda chiniigaanimaamba ezhi-shkiitamaa’aa.
I want for myself to be put forth in front the way to be able.
I am willing to put forth the effort to succeed.
G’gawaabamishinaang eneweyaanigiziyaang.¹
Watch over all of us all those in my family.
Watch over my family.
G’baagosendamaami gondag ingitizimnaanig miinwaa nd’nawendaganinanig²
We all hope those parents and relatives
wii chiminozheyaawaad.
they will be well.
Hope that some of my family members are feeling better.
Naadamaw gondag nd’nawendaganinanig² chiwaamdamwaad genwa bimaadziwin.
Help them those relatives look out for them (and) their life.
Help all our relations on the road to recovery as a people.
Miinshinaang mashkawiziwin miinwaa shkwaa’a dendamowin.
Give us strength (for what) I will suddenly realize.
Give us the strength and wisdom to make healthy choices.
G’bizindaaigo gii gimiiyaang.
We listen to you, what you give to us.
We’re listening to you when you give us guidance.

Note: “eneweyaanigiziyaan” is a term for a group that is all one – it is not exactly relations by blood only.

Note: “nd’nawendaganinanig” is more literally a term for family as it is used in English.

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