Grandfather Prayer


This is an everyday prayer, the kind that reminds us to gives thanks as part of living each day. We think of the sun’s energy and the earth’s power and remind ourselves to be both strong and humble. This prayer was written by a group of students and echoes all the prayers each one of us heard before it.

A row of flowers in the Woodland art style by Neebin Southall

Gimiigwechiwi’in nimishoomis Giizis gii-bi-waaseyaateshkawiyaang.
(Thank you grandfather Sun for shining on us today.)

Miigwech gidaa-wiindamoon noongom giizhig.
(Thank you I say today for this day.)

Weweni niwii-ganawaabamaag.
(Carefully, I will look on others.)

Niwii-mino-bimaadiz miinawaa weweni ganoonagwaa.
(I will live well and carefully speak to others.)

Gimiigwechiwi’in gaye Oshkikamikwe.
(Thank you Mother Earth)

gii-miizhiyaang bimaadiziwin miinawaa miijim
(who gave us life and food)

gaye miizhiyaang nibi miinawaa awesiiyag
(who gave us water and animals)

gaye miizhiyaang nesewin.
(who gave us breath.)

Asemaa nibagidenimaag waabanodese, zhaawanodese, ningaabii’anodese, miinawaa giiwedinodese.
(Tobacco I offer to the east, south, west and north.)

Naadamawishin ji-mashkawigaabawiyaan miinawaa zoongide’eyaan.
(Help me to have strength and a strong heart.)

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