Penguins Can Go

Stories-Penguin Penguins Can Go by Teddy Jones is part of the Scholastic Guided Science Readers series published by Scholastic Inc., 2011. It was translated by the students and teachers of for practice with Anishinaabemowin.

A row of flowers in the Woodland art style by Neebin Southall

Ikidowinan (Words)

Knowing these words will help you understand the story.

  • bimaadagaako-bineshiinh – walking-on-ice-bird (penguin)
  • baazhida’ige – to hop
  • zhooshkwajiwe – slide
  • googii – dive
  • gwaashkwebiigishim – splash
  • bagizo – swim
  • babaamose – waddle
  • izhaa – go

Watch/Listen to the Story

Full Translation

1. Bimaadagaako-bineshiinh baazhida’ige.
A penguin hops.
2. Bimaadagaako-bineshiinh zhooshkwajiwe.
A penguin slides.
3. Bimaadagaako-bineshiinh googii.
A penguin dives.
4. Bimaadagaako-bineshiinh gwaashkwebiigishim.
A penguin splashes.
5. Bimaadagaako-bineshiinh bagizo.
A penguin swims.
6. Bimaadagaako-bineshiinh babaamose.
A penguin walks around.
7. Bimaadagaako-bineshiinhyag zhaawag!
Penguins they go!

Kinomaagewin (Lesson)

All of the words in this series are Verb Type 2 because the penguins are doing something but they are not doing it to anything or with anyone. Use this chart to make your own sentences.

Pronoun In Ojibwe Pronoun In English Single Statement Question or Connected
niin I n + verb verb + yaan
giin you g + verb verb + yan or (yin)
wiin he / she verb verb + d
niinwi just us n + verb + min verb + yaang
giinwi all of us g + verb + min verb + ying
giinwaa you all g + verb + m verb + yeg
wiinwaa them verb + wag verb + waad


See if you can translate the following sentences. Click on a sentence to see the answer.

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