Mitigoog Gichi-onigamiing Mazina’igan (Trees of Grand Portage Poster)

This poster shows how to recognize fourteen trees of the western Lake Superior shore and provides their names in Ojibwe. It was produced by the Miskawaa anang, Erik Martin Redix, the Ojibwe Language and Environmental Education Coordinator for Gichi-onigamiing, the Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa to help community members and neighbors learn and use the Ojibwe names.

QR Code for the Trees of Grand Portage Poster

The Trees of Grand Portage Poster contains a QR code that when scanned, will bring the person scanning to this page where they can hear the audio below. Recordings read by Michael Zimmerman Jr.

A poster with illustrations of 14 trees in a grid layout.

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