Anishinaabe Names


We regularly receive requests for help with Anishinaabe names. So if you are looking for an Anishinaabe name for a pet, a literary character, or need a nickname for a friend or the spelling for your next tattoo, here are some name suggestions we have gathered over the years.

If you are looking to name a baby or yourself, please remember to request help from an elder. There are many traditions so be sure to take time and get it right because the best Anishinaabe names are given with love and wisdom.

Note: Add “ikwe” or “inini” to indicate gender (not necessary but helpful).

  • Aandeg: Crow
  • Anong: Star
  • Binishii: Bird
  • Daanis/Daunis: Daughter
  • Dakwaa: Short
  • Diindiisi: Bluejay
  • Giiwedin: North
  • Kishkedee: This is a name from the Gull Lake Ojibwe tribe in the 18th century. It has been said that it could mean beautiful bird or tree stump
  • Maa’ingan: Wolf
  • Makade: Black
  • Makwa: Bear
  • Mishiiminens: Little Apple
  • Nimkii: Thunder
  • Noodin: Wind
  • Omagakiins: Little Frog
  • Waasnodae: Dawn
  • Waabshkaande: White
  • Zaagaasikwe: Light shining (female). From the book Firekeeper’s Daughter, the name that Daunis uses when she speaks to the Creator.

In the spirit of more use of the language being for the best we have put together this page and would love to hear contributions to our list. Send a note to to include a name.

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