Verb Type 1 – A Second Way to Say Something Is Happening

Verb Type I is used when something is happening. As you learn these words you may want to use them as part of a story or after a question or in a phrase that is connected to another thought. To do that, you use the second ending.

Verb Type 1 2nd End List

First Ending

Second Ending


izhiwebad izhiwebag it happens
debwemagad debwemigag it is true
maamakaadendaagwad maamakaadendaagwak it is amazing
gimiwan gimiwang it rains
aabaate aabaateg it is warm
zoogipo zoogipog it is snowing
ziigwan ziigwang it is spring
niibin niibing it is summer
dagwaagin dagwaagig it is fall
biboon biboong it is winter
biidaaban biidaabang it is dawn
gigizhebaawagad gigizhebaawagak it is morning
minogizhebaawagad minogizhebaawagak it is a good morning
naawakwe/naakwe naawakweg/naakweg it is noon
onaagoshin/naagoshi onaagoshig/naagoshig it is evening
bangishimon/bangishmo bangishimog/bangishmog it is sunset or moonset
dibikad dibikak it is dark night

Aanikanootan (Translate It)

Read and translate the following story with multiple examples of Verb Type 1 Second Endings.

Verb Type 1 2nd End Story

Dagwaagig mii madweyaanimag Binaakwe-giizisong miinawaa zhaawanong

animwewebizowaad nikag epiichi ozhiitaawaad wii nibaawaad makwag

jibwaa zoogipog. Endaaso biidaabang miinawaa dibikak ikidoyaang “miigwechwigooyeg

maanidoog” onji maamakaadendaagwak minobimaadiziwin.

Note: In some areas the term for “ensa” is the same as “endaaso” and the term for living is simply “maadizi” which would make “minomaadizi” be the way to say “living well.”

Note: The literal translation does not sound elegant in English and the same would be true in the reverse. Languages do not translate exactly which is part of the fun in learning them!

Dagwaagig mii madweyaanimag Binaakwe-giizisong
In the fall then there is a sound during Falling-leaves-month

miinawaa zhaawanong animwewebizowaad nikag
and to the south they migrate the geese

epiichi ozhiitaawaad wii nibaawaad makwag jibwaa zoogipog.
while they finish going to sleep the bears before it snows.

Endaaso biidaabang miinawaa dibikak ikidoyaang
Each dawn and night we say

“miigwechwigooyeg maanidoog”
thank you to the spirits

onji maamakaadendaagwak minobimaadiziwin.
for all that is amazing and good in life.

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