Verb Type 3 – “oon” and “in” Endings – Not Happening

Sometimes it is important to say what someone is not doing. The negative suffixes for a Verb Type 3 verb are different than what we learned for Verb Type 1 and 2.

The following formula can be used when creating a statement that is not happening:

(gaawiin) + (pronoun prefix) + (verb) + (negative suffix)

Pay close attention to when the verb matches the plural noun (in all forms except niinawind and giinawind). This means that you make the verb plural when there is a plural noun.

The following chart can be used to learn the Not Happening conjugations for Verb Type 3 verbs that end in “oon” and “in.”

Pronoun In Ojibwe Pronoun In English Single Statement
*remove the “n” and conjugate
* add (an) for plural sometimes
Question or Connected
*remove the “n” and conjugate
* no plural form needed
niin I ni + verb + siin (an)
nin (initial d,j,g,z,zh)
nim (initial b)
nind (initial vowel)
verb + siwaan
giin you gi + verb + siin (an)
gid (initial vowel)
gim (initial b)
verb + siwaan
wiin he / she o + verb + siin (an) verb + sig
niinawind just us ni + verb + siimin
nin (initial d,j,g,z,zh)
nim (initial b)
nind (initial vowel)
verb + siwaang
giinawind all of us gi + verb + siimin
gid (initial vowel)
gim (initial b)
verb + siwang
giinawaa you all gi + verb + siinaawaa (n)
gid (initial vowel)
gim (initial b)
verb + siweg
wiinawaa them o + verb + siinaawaa (n) verb + sigwaa

The noun associated with your not happening statement can come before or after the verb that is not happening, as long as “gaawiin” and the verb are next to each other. When the noun comes before the verb it places emphasis on the noun. Syntax and connecting words are often used to achieve what English uses stress to achieve.

For example,

(noun) + (gaawiin) + (pronoun prefix) + (verb) + (negative suffix)


(gaawiin) + (pronoun prefix) + (verb) + (negative suffix) + (noun)

Notice where these two options are displayed in the example sentences below.

Lesson 36-1

1. Nindagoodoomin babiinzikawaaganan misawaa gaawiin mamoosiwaang giboodiyegwaazonan.
Just us hang the coats although just us do not pick up the pants.
2. Aaniin dash gaawiin gii-biinitoosiwan ode’iminan gaye miinan?
Why did you not clean the strawberries and blueberries?
3. Ozhibii’iganatigoon gaawiin gigii-biidoosiinaawaan.
Writing sticks you all did not bring.
4. Waawaashkeshiwiiyaas gaawiin gigii-miijisiimin.
Venison meat all of us did not eat.

Aanikanootan (Translate It)

Now try to practice translating the sentences below. After you are done with the translation examples below, try to write your own not happening statements!

Lesson 36-2

  1. They will not carry along water while walking.

Root Verbs: bimiwidoon & bimose (VT2)

Note: liquids do not have a plural form, so both the noun and the Verb Type 3 verb are singular.

2. Tea I do not make.

Root Verb: ozhitoon

Note: liquids do not have a plural form, so both the noun and the verb are singular.

3. Why didn’t she pick up her canoe Tuesday?

Root Verb: mamoon

Note: the noun and the verb are both singular.

4. Blankets you did not take outside.

Root Verb: zaagijiwidoon

Note: both the noun and the verb are plural.

Bizindan (Listen to It)

Listen to the conversation below. Do you recognize any vocabulary or word parts?

Lesson 36-3

A: Tell me you didn’t lose my sandwich.

I didn’t lose your sandwich.

A: Ok, give it to me then.

B: I forgot to tell you I lost the meat to make your sandwich.

A: I’m gonna starve for sure.

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